Genera G2 Coated Snare

Genera G2 Coated Snare

A two-ply head (7mil each) featuring extraordinary consistency and durability, the G2 offers the perfect blend of depth, sustain, and attack. It makes small toms sing and floor toms growl. The coating adds additional warmth, focus, and depth.

Popis tovaru

Instrument: Drum Set-Tom/Snare
Finish: Coated
Attack: Defined
Tone: Warm
Sustain: Focused
Feel: Moderate
Durability: High
Size: 10" Item Number: B10G2
Size: 11" Item Number: B11G2
Size: 12" Item Number: B12G2
Size: 13" Item Number: B13G2
Size: 14" Item Number: B14G2
Size: 15" Item Number: B15G2
Size: 16" Item Number: B16G2
Size: 18" Item Number: B18G2
Size: 20" Item Number: B20G2
Size: 6" Item Number: B06G2
Size: 8" Item Number: B08G2
Size: Tom Pack 10-12-14" Item Number: ETP-G2CTD-F
Size: Tom Pack 12-13-16" Item Number: ETP-G2CTD-S
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