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Just in case you thought the ZOOM guys forgot about you creative types that are long on talent but a little short on cash? WELL WE GOTCHA COVERED!!! The new ZOOM MRS802 Series Hard Disk Recorders put 8 tracks of Hard Drive recording in your hands and still leave you some cash for gas. The MRS-802 features 8 recording tracks with 10 virtual takes per track (2 channels simultaneous recording), 24-bit converters/44.1 sampling rate, 120 hours of recording time on a huge 40GB internal hard drive, 190 editable guitar-vocal-and mastering effects, a fully programmable drum machine with ZOOM's exclusive "FAST" song programmer and 43 drum kits loaded with hundreds of studio quality drum and percussion sounds. Both of the 802's two input channels provide an XLR balanced mic and 1/4 in. unbalanced input, switchable 48volt phantom power for condenser mics, one 1/4 in. guitar/bass input, front panel headphone output with volume control, MIDI I/O for external sync or to import SMFs to control the drum machine, Scrub/Preview function for super easy editing and punch In/Punch Out, automated "Scene" recall (100 scenes per song) for easy song setup, a "Loop" function to create phrase loops and Time Stretch/Compression for matching loops with different BPM, and a large easy-to-read backlit LCD screen with full metering. The optional USB-2 interface comes complete with Audio File Manager software (Windows and MAC OS) for linking with DAW software and importing or exporting data in WAV/AIFF formats. The MRS-802CD with built-in CD-R/RW burner allows you to create CD's in either multi-track or "Album" format.
8 digital recording tracks
10 virtual takes per track
40 GB Hard Drive
Programmable drum machine
Extensive bank of effects for instruments, vocals and mixing
CD-R/RW drive for recording, back-up and importing samples.
The MRS-802CD has 2-track simultaneous input capability. 2 mono tracks can be linked to make stereo channels. It has 1/4 in. and XLR inputs (balanced and unbalanced) with 48V phantom power, as well as MIDI in and out, and RCA outputs.
The MS-802CD has a full range of non-linear editing capabilities, including cut and paste, copy, move, reverse direction play and time stretch/compress--all the effects of Zoom's more expensive models.
These editing functions also help out with the sampling and looping functions the MRS-802CD offers. You can import and edit samples and loops using the CD-R/RW or the optional USB interface to import audio files.
The 802CD is loaded with hundreds of pre-recorded beats, and each one can be edited and re-saved. There are more than 400 drum and percussion sounds built-in, including 43 different drum kits, each with 24 different sounds. Use the drum machine as a rhythm tool for timing, or compose complex rhythm tracks for your songs using Zoom's FAST(TM) programming system.
The MRS-802CD has a huge palette of killer effects for guitars, instruments and vocals. 280 pre-programmed and editable effects "patches" are available at the inputs, and 40 send/return effects patches are available for mixing and mastering.
Every track has editable track parameters that include: EQ high, EQ low, pan, chorus, delay, reverb. These functions are also automated, allowing the user to make automatic changes on any given track mid-song. Parameter settings are saved as "scenes". Users can save up to 100 scenes per song/project.
Once the user has finished mixing, they can master it to the stereo master channel, use the CD-R/RW drive to burn a CD player-ready disc, and they are ready to take it out the car for an audition. If several projects are completed, a complete album can be sequenced and copied to a CD-R.
New to version 2.x
40 Gig Harddrive
Version 2.0 comes standard with a 40GB hard drive. In non-compressed 16-bit linear / 44.1 kHz sampling frequency format, this translates into 120 hours of high-quality recording.
MTC send support
In addition to the Timing Clock transmission offered by the MRS-802 Version 1.x model, the MRS-802 Version 2.0 can also output MIDI Time Code (MTC) messages.
Whereas the conventional Timing Clock signal is based on tempo information set internally by the MRS-802, the MTC specifies the current position in hours/minutes/seconds/frames, representing absolute time information. This assures more stable operation compared to Timing Clock and allows the tempo to be freely set or changed at the receiving device.
Continuous playback of multiple projects
By entering the master tracks of multiple projects in a playlist, these can be played automatically in succession. This is useful to record several projects in one go on an external recorder or to create automatic accompaniment for a number of songs. Because the playlist information can be used when creating an album for burning a CD, you can check the song sequence before deciding on the final content of the album.
Support for Disk-At-Once burning
In addition to the track-at-once method which inserts blank gaps between tracks on an audio CD, the MRS-802 Version 2.0 also supports the disc-at-once method which writes tracks continuously without gaps.
Using disc-at-once, it is easy to create a non-stop CD with seamless content. You can also divide one project into several tracks and write the result to an audio CD. This makes it possible to create a CD of a continuous live performance which still allows jumping back and forth to specific songs.
Display Master Fader
When playing an audio CD or a playlist using the sequence play function, the [MASTER] fader settings are shown on the display while the fader is being operated to adjust the volume. The value appears automatically on the display as soon as the [MASTER] fader is moved, and the original display appears again after the adjustment is finished.

Popis tovaru

Physical Track: 8
Virtual Track: 80 (10Virtual takes / track)
Master Track: 2 tracks (stereo) x 10V-takes
Drum Track: 2 tracks (stereo)
Simultaneous Recording: 2 tracks
Recording Data Format: 16 bit linear with No compression
Recording Time: 120 hours (referred to mono tracks)
Marker: 100 / projects
Locater: Scrub / Preview, A-B repeat
Location Display: Hour / Min. / Sec. / msec. or Meas. / Beat / Tick
Track Edit: Copy, Move, Erase, Exchange, Bounce, Trim, Fade in/out, Reverse, Capture / Swap, Time Stretch / Compression
Punch In/Out: Auto / Manual
Phrase Loop: 100 phrase / project
Input Channel: 12 channels (10 tracks + 2 inputs)
Simultaneous playback: 10 tracks (8 audio + stereo drum)
Scene Memory: 100 scenes / project (Linkable to marker)
Fader: 10 (1-8 mono, Drum, Stereo Master)
Level Meter: 10 segments x 13 bar (Pre / Post fader selectable)
Track Parameter: Equalizer, Effect send, Pan (Balance at stereo link)
High (f: 500Hz - 18kHz, Gain:


The ultimate all-in-one machine. Hard disk recorder, drum and bass machine, sampler, digital mixer, multi-effects, CD-R/RW drive--you name it, the MRS-1608 has got it. Everything you need to create incredible sounding recordings is right here, in a user-friendly and accessible package.

16 physical tracks x 10 V-takes = 160 virtual tracks
Comes standard with a 40GB hard drive. This translates into 120 hours of high-quality recording.
Simultaneous live recording on eight tracks
BOUNCE key for instant mixdown
Marker function, A-B repeat, punch-in recording
Continuous project playback -- The master tracks of several projects can be played back in succession. This function--called sequence play--is handy to preview an album that you want to burn onto a CD, or to provide automated accompaniment during a live performance.

Track Edit
10 types of track edit functions
COPY Copy & paste. Easily repeat the contents of a phrase.
MOVE Assemble the best takes from various sources onto a single track.
ERASE Mute any specified range, for example to eliminate noise or clean up mistakes.
TRIM Remove unwanted portions before and after a stretch of recorded data, to keep only the parts that matter.
FADE I/O Select from three curves for fade-in and fade-out, and specify the time for the fade interval.
REVERSE Get wild and wonderful sound by reversing audio data.
TIME STRECH Change the tempo without altering the pitch. Great for tweaking the master data before burning a CD.
PITCH FIX Match the pitch of vocal passages or provide pitch correct effect.
HARMONY GENERATE Create a 3-part harmony from the vocal track that matches the programmed chord.
DUO HARMONY Add a third up or down harmony component to the melody.
Scrub / preview function to find exactly the right spot
Internal 24-bit processing and mixing automation support -- The digital mixer handles a total of 27 channels: 19 playback tracks including internal drum and bass, plus 8 input channels. Parameters such as volume, panning, EQ, phase, and effect send level can be adjusted individually for each track. The convenient "scene" function saves up to 100 different setups, for instant recall of all parameters. By assigning a scene to a marker point of the recorder, it is even possible to change the mixing balance or effect settings automatically as the song progresses. A solo function that lets you monitor a single track also comes in handy.

Digital Mixer
3-band parametric equalizer
Separate SUB-OUT parameter settings for a different mix
Rhythm Machine
50 drum kits and 13 bass sources -- By freely combining 36 sound sources, you can also create your own drum kits while using the 12 mixing faders as drum mixer controls.
475 preset drum patterns ready to go
Truly "FAST" rhythm programming -- FAST (Formula Assisted Song Translator) is an innovative programming method developed by ZOOM that lets you build rhythm patterns using simple calculator-like symbols. With the drum pads serving as a numeric keypad, you can quickly enter a drum program for an entire song. For example, to play pattern number 010 eight times and then pattern number 020 sixteen times, you enter 10 x 8 + 20 x 16. After a song has been written with FAST, you can edit patterns and change event information in the same way as with a regular song.
High-performance sequencer also incorporates SMF player (Standard MIDI Files) -- The built-in rhythm sequencer can operate in sync with the recorder section, letting you create rhythm accompaniment and audio tracks in an interactive environment. If you import existing SMF (Standard MIDI Files), you can control the built-in rhythm sound sources or external multi-timbre sound sources connected via the MIDI link.

Phrase Loop
By freely combining parts of an audio track or WAV/AIFF file phrases imported from a sampling CD-ROM, you can create a loop track. Program the phrase sequence for an entire song using FAST, and then write the result to any track as audio data. Or go a step further and create multiple loop tracks with drums, bass, rhythm guitar and other instruments played by professional musicians.

Pad Sampler
The pads on the MRS-1608 can also be used to play parts of V-takes or WAV/AIFF files. Add samples and sound effects to a song, and play them in the drum track sequence. Up to 1000 samples can be stored in a "sample pool" on the internal hard disk. A project can contain up to 10 sampler programs, each using 36 samples (total playing time 22 seconds).

Insert effect -- Nine types of effect algorithms optimized for various input sources, such as guitar / bass, synthesizer, vocals, and mic recording of acoustic instruments are built into the MRS-1608. The algorithms are configured using six effect modules with 103 effect types.
8-channel COMP EQ for dynamic multi-miking -- The 8-channel COMP EQ algorithm applies compression and equalization to eight input channels, with individual settings for each.
BPM sync effects
Send / Return effect -- Two types of send / return effect (chorus / delay and reverb) can be used simultaneously.
Mastering effect -- When you are creating the final mix, you have access to quality effects such as the high-performance equalizer and the multi-band compressor with individual parameters for each band.

CD Burner
CD-R/RW drive for creating audio CDs and backing up data
Disc-at-once for efficient CD writing

XLR input with phantom power supply and digital output -- Up to eight mics can be plugged in at once. Four channels are equipped with a +48V phantom power supply. Hi-Z jacks for guitar/bass and RCA type jacks are also available. An optical S/P DIF output lets you send a digital signal to a DAT or MD master recorder.
Synchronization with MTC and MIDI clock
USB 2.0 support ensures high-speed data transfer -- The optional USB interface board UIB-02 lets you connect the MRS-1608 to a computer (Windows or Mac) equipped with a USB port.

Popis tovaru

Physical Track: 16
Virtual Track: 160(10 Virtual takes/track)
Master Track: 2 tracks(stereo) x 10V-takes
Drum Track: 2 tracks(stereo)
Bass Track: 1 track(mono)
Simultaneous Recording: 8 tracks
Simultaneous Playback: 19 tracks(16 audio + stereo drum + mono bass)
Recording Data Format: 16 bit linear with No compression
Recording Time: 120 hours(referred to mono tracks)
Marker: 100/Project
Locator: Scrub/Preview, A-B repeat
Location Display: Hour/Min./Sec./msec. or Meas./Beat/Tick
Track Edit: Copy, Move, Erase, Exchange, Bounce, Trim,
Fade in/out, Reverse, Capture/Swap, Time Stretch, Pitch Fix,
Harmony Generate, Duo Harmony
Punch In/Out: Auto/Manual
Rhythm Machine
Data Format: 16 bit linear PCM
Drum Kit: 50 kits
Drum Sound Generator: 36 sounds/kit(12pads x 3bank)
Bass Sound Generator: 13 sounds
Polyphony: 24 voices(Drum + Bass)
Drum Pad: 12 touch sensitive pads, self lighted
Resolution: 48 PPQN
Odd Meter: 1/4-8/4
Song: 10 songs/project
Pattern: 511 patterns(475 factroy, 36 blank)
Maximum Bar: 999 bars/song, 99 bars/pattern
Maximum Note: Approx. 20,000 notes(events)/song
Tempo: 40.0-250.0BPM
Input Channel: 27 channels(19 tracks + 8 inputs)
Scene Memory: 100 scenes/project(Linkable to marker)
Fader: 15(1-8 mono, 9-16 stereo, Drum, Bass, Stereo Master)
Level Meter: 10 segments x 29 bar(Pre/Post fader selectable)
Track Parameter: Equalizer, Effect Send, Pan(Balance), Subout Send, Invert
High: 500Hz-18kHz, Gain �12dB
Mid: 40Hz-18kHz, Gain �12dB
Low: 40Hz-1.6kHz, Gain �12dB
Effect Send: Chorus/Delay send level, Reverb send level
Stereo Link: 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 tracks selectable
Algorithm: 9 types(Clean, Dist, Aco/Bass Sim, Bass, Mic, Dual Mic, Line, 8x Comp EQ, Mastering)
Effect Type: 103 types
Effect Module: 6 for Insert, 2 for Send/Return
Max. Simultaneous Effect: 8 types
Effect Patch: 320 for Insert, 60 for Send/Return
Tuner: Auto chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Open A/D/E/G, D modal
Pad Sampler
Simultaneous Sample: 36 samples, total 22 seconds(mono)
Max. Storable Sample: 1,000 samples
Phrase Loop
Max. Storable Phrase: 100 phrases / project
Phrase Edit: Start / End, Measure, Name, Level
Project: Maximum 1,000
Hard Disk: E-IDE/3.5inch 40GB
CD-R/RW Drive: ATAPI/5inch bay type, Buffer Under-run Error Protection Supported
A/D Conversion: 24bit 64times over-sampling
D/A Conversion: 24bit 128times over-sampling
Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz
Signal Processing: 24bit
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz �1dB(at 10kohms load)
S/N: 93dB(IHF-A)
Dynamic Range: 97dB(IHF-A)
THD+N: 0.02%(400Hz, at 10kohms load)
Display: 122 x 65mm original LCD(with back light)
Guitar/Bass Input(Hi-Z): 2x 1/4in. Phone Jack, Input Impedance 500kohms
Balanced/Unbalanced Input: 8x XLR/1/4 in. Phone Combo Jack,(Unbalanced: Input Impedance 50kohms/Balanced: Input Impedance 1kohms, 2nd Hot)
Line Input: RCA pin jack(L/R), Input Impedance 10kohms, Rated Input Level -10dBm
Phantom Power: 48V(with On/Off switch)
Input Level: -50dBm
Master Out: RCA pin jack(L/R), Output Impedance 1kohms, Rated Output Level -10dBm
Headphone Out: 1/4 in. Stereo Phone Jack, 50mW(at 32ohms load)
Sub Out: 1/4 in. Stereo Phone Jack
Digital Out: S/P DIF Optical(20bit)
MIDI: In/Out
Control Input: 1x Expression Pedal, 1x Foot Switch
Optional Board Slot: 1
Dimension: 490(W) x 350 (D) x 125(H)mm
Weight: 7.8kg(with CD-R/RW drive), 7.3kg(without CD-R/RW drive)
Power Supply: DC12V, 3A(AC Adaptor AD-0011 specified)
Power Consumption: 30W(12V, 3A)TYP.
Supplied Accessory: Universal AC Adaptor AD-0011,CD-ROM
Optional Accessory: CD-02(CD-R/RW drive), UIB-02(USB Interface board), FS-01(Foot Switch), FP-02(Expression Pedal)
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