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DGX 520

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Klávesnica: 88 kláves - (polovyvážená, dynamická)

Zvuk: 500 zvukov vrátane XG lite

Štýly: 135 doprovodov

Sequencer: 6 stopý sekvencer, výukový systém YES5

Efekty: 9 typov reverbov, 4x chorus

vrátane dreveného stojanu, adaptéru a sustain pedálu
Cena: 614€ / 18497.-SKK

Tyros 3

Vlajková loď od firmy Yamaha, ktorá ponúka snaď všetko čo kvalitný aranger ponúkať má.

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Klávesnica: 61 kláves

Polyfónia: 128 hlasná

Sequencer: 16 stopý sequencer

Zvuk: 749 normal zvukov, 23 mega, 20 organ flutes, 480 XG, 256 GM, 35 bicích sad.

Štýly: 450 doprovodo, Intro x 3, Fill In x 4, Break x 1, Main Sections x 4, Ending x 3, Fade In/Out, Tap Tempo, Sync Start, Sync, 

Efekty: 798 typov efektov + 50 uzivateľských, vokalizér, harmonizér

Konektory: USB, MIDI MIDI A In/Out, MIDI B In/Out, Control Foot Pedal 1(Sustain) / 2 (Super Articulation) / 3 (Volume), Video Out (NTSC / PAL Composite), RGB Out Audio, Line Out Main (L/L+R, R), Sub Output 1/2 Loop Send (L/L+R, R), Aux Out (Level Fixed): Selectable Loop Return (L/L+R, R), Aux In, MIC/Line In (Stereo), To Satellite Speaker (L/R), To Sub Woofer (L/R),

Rozmery: 114 x 45 x 14,3 cm

Váha: 15 kg

Cena: 3350€ / 100922.-SKK


The MOTIF was succeeded by the MOTIF ES which has doubled the enormous power of the MOTIF. Now it's time to double the MOTIF ES - time for the MOTIF XS.
The 128 voices of the XS's AWM2 Tone Generator are based on 2.670 Waveforms in the large 355 MB Wave-ROM which can be expanded by up to 1 GB of Sample-RAM for further samples. Each Voice can consist of up to eight Elements, which can be dynamically activated in the "Expanded Articulation" mode ("XA-Mode") to simulate different playing styles of acoustic instruments in a very realistic way. Use Performances to arrange up to four Voices in layers and splits over the keyboard. Thanks to its intelligent chord recognition the 4-part Arpeggiator and its 6,000 Phrases supplies the perfect accompaniment. With one press on the Record button you can record directly from the Performance mode into the sequencer - perfect to sketch your ideas. The Master-Mode divides the keyboard in up to eight zones and makes the MOTIF XS a perfect Masterkeyboard.
Control the XS in real time with Ribbon Controller, Modulation and Pitch Bend wheel, 2 buttons, 8 Knobs and 8 Faders. The large color LC-display (320 x 240 Pixel) delivers the best overview. This all supports the Remote Control functions to control DAW software on your computer. For data saving purposes there is a USB to Device port and an Ethernet port to integrate the MOTIF XS in a LAN. Four analogue audio outputs and a S/PDIF digital audio output deliver the outstanding sound of the MOTIF XS. The XS8 is equipped with a IEEE 1394 port (optional for the XS6 and XS7) for a seamless integration in computer based music production environments.
Like all MOTIFs the MOTIF XS comes in three models which only difference is the size and type of the keyboard. While the MOTIF XS6 and XS7 are equipped with a FSX keyboard with 61 (XS6) respective 76 (XS7) keys, the XS8 comes with a 88 key Balanced Hammer Effect Keyboard.

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- klávesnica:

MOTIFXS8: 88 keys, Balanced Hammer Effect Keyboard (Initial Touch/Aftertouch)
MOTIF XS7 76 keys, FSX Keyboard (Initial Touch/Aftertouch)
MOTIF XS6 61 keys, FSX Keyboard (Initial Touch/Aftertouch)

- Tone Generator:  AWM2 with Expanded Articulation
- Polyphony  128 notes
- Multi Timbral Capacity:  16 Parts (internal), Audio Input Parts (A/D, IEEE 1394*)
 *1 stereo Part
 - Wave:  355MB (when converted to 16-bit linear format), 2,670 waveforms
 - Voice:  Preset: 1,024 Normal Voices + 64 Drum Kits GM: 128 Normal Voices + 1 Drum Kit
 User: 128 x 3 (selected and copied from Preset bank) Normal Voice + 32 Drum Kits
- Performance:  User: 128 x 3 (up to 4 Parts)
- Filter:  18 types
- Effect: System  Reverb x 9 types, Chorus x 22 types, Insertion (A, B, L) x 53 types x 8 blocks, Master Effect x 9 types, Master Equalizer (5 bands), Part EQ (3 bands, stereo)
 Samples  Up to 1,024 Waveforms (Multi Samples)
 Up to 128 Key Banks per Waveform
 Up to 4,096 Key Banks

Sampling Sources  Analog input L/R, Stereo output (Resampling), IEEE 1394 Digital input (available on the MOTIF XS6 and 7 when the optional board has been installed)
  A/D Conversion  24-bit, 64x oversampling
  D/A Conversion  24-bit, 128x oversampling
  Sample Data Bits  16
  Sampling Frequency  44.1kHz, 22.05kHz, 11.025kHz, 5.5125kHz (Stereo/Mono)
 Sampling Frequency via IEEE 1394 (when the optional board has been installed): 44.1kHz (fixed)
  Sampling Memory  Optionally installed, expandable to 1GB (512MB DIMM x 2 slots)
 *DIMMs are not installed to the instrument when shipped from the factory.
  Sample Length  Mono: 32 MB
 Stereo: 64 MB
  Sampling Time  44.1kHz: 6 min. 20 sec.
 22.05kHz: 12 min. 40 sec.
 11.025kHz: 25 min. 20 sec.
 5.0125kHz: 55 min. 40 sec.
  Sample Format  Original format, WAV, AIFF
  Note Capacity  Approx. 130,000 notes
  Note Resolution  480 ppq (parts per quarter note)
  Maximum Polyphony  124 notes
  Tempo (BPM)  5 – 300
  Recording type  Real time replace
 Real time overdub (with the exception of the Pattern Chain)
 Real time punch in/out (Song only)
  Tracks  Pattern: 16 Phrase tracks
 Pattern Chain: Pattern track, Tempo track, Scene
 Song: 16 sequence tracks (Loop on/off can be set for each track), Tempo track, Scene track
  Patterns  64 Patterns (x 16 sections)
 Measures: 256 maximum
 Mixing Voices: 16 Voices per Pattern and up to 256 Voices for all Patterns
 Mixing Templates: 32 for all Songs and Patterns
  Phrases  User Phrases: 256 per Pattern
  Songs  64 Songs
 Mixing Voices: 16 Voices per Song and up to 256 Voices for all Songs
 Mixing Templates: 32 for all Songs and Patterns
  Arpeggio  Preset: Approx. 6,000 types
 User: 256 types
 *MIDI Sync, MIDI transmit/receive channel, Velocity Limit, and Note Limit can be set.
  Scene Memory  5 per Song
  Sequence Format  Original format, SMF format 0, 1 (Format 1 load only)
  Master  User: 128
 *8 Zones (Master keyboard settings), Assignable Knob/Slider settings, Program Change Table
  Sequence Software compatible with the Remote Control function  For Windows®: Cubase 4, Cubase AI, SONAR 5.2
 For Macintosh®: Cubase 4, Cubase AI, Logic 7.2, Digital Performer 5
 *Functions to be controlled differ depending on the software.
  Controllers  Pitch Bend wheel, Modulation wheel, Ribbon Controller, Assignable Control Sliders x 8, Assignable Knobs x 8, Assignable Function buttons x 2, Data dial
  Display  320 x 240 dot, 5.7 inch graphic color backlit LCD
  Connectors  OUTPUT L/MONO, R (standard phone jack)
 ASSIGNABLE OUTPUT L, R (standard phone jack)
 A/D INPUT L, R (standard phone jack)
 PHONES (standard stereo phone jack)
 IEEE 1394 (MOTIF XS8 only)
  Power Consumption  30W
  Dimensions, Weight  MOTIF XS8: 1,457 (W) x 466 (D) x 168 (H) mm, 28.6 kg
 MOTIF XS7: 1,252 (W) x 391 (D) x 122 (H) mm, 17.0 kg
 MOTIF XS6: 1,045 (W) x 391 (D) x 122 (H) mm, 14.8 kg
  Accessories  AC Power cord, Cubase AI Disc x 1, Owner’s Manual, Data List



MO Music Production Synthesizer - targeted to semi-professional musicians and home/project studio owners as well as songwriters and performers, the MO provides a full set of authentic sounds and comprehensive music-making features including an emphasis on contemporary styles and voices. It contains many advanced music production tools including a Song/Pattern sequencer and a powerful Arpeggio feature which gives you over 1700 sequenced phrases. The MO also seamlessly integrates into computer music systems, with special remote control functions that let you operate your favorite sequencer software from the instrument itself. In addition, the MO is compatible with the Studio Connections system. Highly portable and compact, the MO also serves as an ideal keyboard for live performance situations.
Two models are available: the 61-key MO6 and the full 88-key MO8 (which features the same BH keyboard technology and mechanism as the Yamaha S90 ES).

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Keyboard MO8: 88 keys, Balanced Hammer Effect Keyboard (Initial Touch)
MO6: 61 keys, LC Keyboard (Initial Touch)
Tone Generator AWM2
Polyphony 64 notes
Multi Timbral Capacity 16 parts (internal)
Wave 175MB (when converted to 16-bit linear format), 1,859 waveforms
Voice Preset: 512 normal voices + 64 drum kits
GM: 128 normal voices + 1 drum kit
User: 128 x 2 (Bank 1: Original, Bank 2: Picked up from Preset), Normal Voice + 32 drum kits
Performance User: 256 (up to 4 parts)
Filter & Effect System 18 types (Filter), Reverb x 20 types, Chorus x 49 types, Insertion (A, B) x 116 types x 3 blocks, Master Effect x 8 types, Master Equalizer (5 bands), Part EQ (3 bands, stereo)
Note Capacity Approx. 226,000 notes
Note Resolution 480 ppq (parts per quarter note)
Maximum Polyphony 124 notes
Tempo 1 - 300
Recording type Real time replace, Real time overdub (with the exception of the Pattern Chain), Real time punch (Song only), Step (with the exception of the Pattern Chain)
Tracks Pattern Mode: 16 phrase tracks
Pattern Chain Mode: Pattern track, Tempo track, Scene track
Song Mode: 16 sequence tracks (Loop on/off can be set for each track), Tempo track, Scene track
Patterns 64 patterns (x 16 sections), Measures: 256 maximum
Phrases Preset Phrases: 687 phrases, User Phrases: 256 per pattern
Songs 64 songs, Mixing voices: 16 per pattern (256 maximum)
Mixing templates: 32
Arpeggio Preset x 1787 types, User x 256 types
MIDI Sync, MIDI transmit/receive channel, Velocity Limit, and Note Limit can be set
Scene Memory 5 per Song
Sequence Format MO6/MO8 Original format (compatible with MOTIF ES)
SMF format 0, 1 (Format 1 load only)
Master User: 128
*4 Zones (Master keyboard settings), Assignable Knob/Slider settings, Program Change Table
Sequence Software compatible with the Remote Control function For Windows: Cubase SX 3, SQ01 V2, SONAR 4, MO6/8/MOTIF ES/MOTIF-RACK ES/MOTIF-RACK/S90 ES Multi Part Editor
For Macintosh: Cubase SX 3, Logic Pro 7, Digital Performer 4.52, MO6/8/MOTIF ES/MOTIF-RACK ES/MOTIF-RACK/S90 ES Multi Part Editor
*Functions to be controlled by the MO6/MO8 differ depending on the software you use
Controllers Pitch Bend wheel, Modulation wheel, Assignable Control Sliders (4), Assignable Knobs (4), Data dial
Display 240 x 64 dot graphic backlit LCD
Power Consumption 13.5 W
Dimensions, Weight MO6: 1,023(W) x 382.7(D) x 101.9(H) mm, 10.4kg
MO8: 1,357(W) x 386(D) x 167(H) mm, 21kg


Just like the MOTIF ES crowned the MOTIF-series the S90 ES becomes the flagship of the S-series. No compromises. With 230 MB of sample-ROM as heart of the same tonegenerator which made the MOTIF ES a non-plus- ultra synth. With resulting sounds that are uncomparable in terms of dynamic, authenticity and inspiration. With the new developed "Damper Resonance" insert effect which gives the stunning piano voices an extra- kick of realism. With a "Balanced Hammer" keyboard that satisfies the pianist as well as the keyboardist. With all features needed for controlling large equipment setups. With perfect connectability from audio input to assiganable outputs to mLAN, from MIDI to USB To Device. With best compliments from Yamaha.

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Keyboard  88 keys, Balanced Hammer Effect keyboard (Initial Touch/Aftertouch)
  Tone Generator  AWM2 (compatible with Modular-Synthesis-Plug-in system)
  Maximum polyphony  128 voices + polyphony of the Plug-in-boards (if installed)
  Multitimbrality  16 internal Parts + 3 Plug-in-Boards + audio-input-Part(s) (A/D, mLAN*)
 * 4 stereo-Parts
  Wave  228 MB (after conversion to 16-Bit linear format), 1.935 Waveforms
  Voice  Preset: 512 Normal-Voices + 64 Drum-Kits
 GM: 128 Normal-Voices + 1 Drum-Kit
 User: 128 x 2 (Bank 1: Original, Bank 2: copy from Preset-Bank)
 Normal-Voices + 32 Drum-Kits
 Plug-in-Voices Preset for PLG150-AN/DX/PF/DR/PC: 64
 Preset for PLG-150VL: 192
 User: 64 for each Plug-in-slot
  Performance  User: 128 (up to 4 Parts)
  Multi  User: 64
  Filter  18 types
  Effects  Reverb x 20 types
 Chorus x 49 types
 Insert (A, B) x 117 types x 8 blocks
 Master-Effect x 8 types
 Master-Equalizer (5 bands)
 Part-EQ (3 bands, stereo)
 Plug-in-Insert (if PLG100-VH is installed in slot 1)
  Expandability  3 slots for Modular-Synthesis-Plug-in boards
  Sequence playback  SMF format 0 (playback only)
  BPM (Tempo)  1–300
  Number of chain steps  100
  Arpeggiator  Preset x 1.787 types
 User x 256 types (by loading User-Arpeggio-data of the MOTIF ES)
 * MIDI sync, MIDI send-/receive channel, velocity limit and note limit are adjustable   
  Master  User: 128
 * 4 zones (Masterkeyboard settings), settings for the assignable Sliders, program change map
  Sequencer-software compatible with the Remote-Control-function  Windows: SQ01 V2, Cubase SX 3, SONAR 4, S90 ES/MOTIF ES/MOTIF-RACK ES/MOTIF-RACK Multi Part Editor
 Macintosh: Cubase SX 3, Logic Pro 7, Digital Performer 4.52, S90 ES/MOTIF ES/MOTIF-RACK ES/MOTIF-RACK Multi Part Editor
 * controllable functions depend on the software
  Controller  Pitch Bend wheel, Modulation wheel, assignable Control-Slider (4), Datadial
  Display  240 x 64 dot graphic backlit LCD
  Power consumption  33 W (without Plug-in boards)
  Dimensions, Weight  1,472 (W) x 385 (D) x 163 (H) mm, 22.5 kg
  Accessories  Powercable, Manual, Datalist, sticker for optional mLAN16E


MM6 - Yamaha's new entry level Music Synthesizer contains more than 540 high-quality Voices (based on 70 MB of Wave-ROM, many of them directly borrowed from the MOTIF Series), ranging from acoustic musical instruments to unique synthesizer sounds. Play them from the keyboard, accompany yourself with Arpeggios and the Easy Chord function. Split and layer the keyboard and save your settings in one of the 64 Performances. Record your own Songs with the built-in 8 track sequencer plus Pattern accompaniment or play back Standard-MIDI-Files from attached USB-Storage devices. The large LC-display (320 x 240 pixels), four control knobs, Modulation and Pitch Bend wheels let you control the MM6 in a comfortable way. You want to learn more on the features of the MM6? If so, please click here and visit our special site (Please note: some of the shown info is targeted to the UK market).

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Keyboard  61 keys (Initial touch)
  Tone Generator  AWM2
  Polyphony  32 notes
  Multitimbrality  16 parts
  Wave-ROM  70MB (when converted to 16-bit linear format)
  Voices  Preset: 418 normal voices + 22 drum kits
 GM: 128 normal voices + 1 drum kit
  Performances  8 banks x 8
  Effect System  Reverb: 25 types, Chorus: 30 types, Variation: 189 types
 Master Equalizer: 5 types
  Note Resolution  96 ppq (parts per quarter note)
  Tempo  11–280 BPM
  Recording type  Real time replace
  Tracks  8 + 8 (Pattern tracks)
  Patterns  168 patterns (x 4 sections)
  Songs  Preset: 3 songs
 User: 5 songs
 USB: 400 songs maximum
  Arpeggio  Preset: 213 types
  Controllers  Pitch Bend wheel, Modulation wheel, 4 Knobs, Data dial
  Display  320 x 240 dot graphic backlit LCD
  Connectors  OUTPUT L/MONO, R (standard phone jack)
 PHONES (standard stereo phonejack)
  Power consumption  12W
  Dimensions / Weight  948.5 x 374.2 x 122.8 mm (W x D x H), 5.0kg
  Accessories  AC Power Adaptor, Owner’s Manual, CD-ROM (supplied DAW software)

PSR E-413

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- 61 dynamických klavesov, AWM stereosampling

- 116 + 361 XGlite + 12 Drum/SFX Kits + 20 Arpeggio 100 typov

- 5 Sweet! Voices, 3 Cool! Voices, multi fingering

- 32 hlasná polyfónia, 165 pevných štýlov, užívateľské štýly

- kompatibilita: XGlite, XG

- efekty: Reverb 9 typov, Chorus 4 typy, Master EQ 5 typov

- funkcie: dual layer, split, arpeggio

Cena: 311.69€ / 9390.-SKK


61-key digital workstation with 796 amazingly realistic sound voices.

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ewly-Added Features
Building on the impressive features of the PSRS500, this enhanced edition includes a full 16-track sequencer, a style creator function, dramatically increased numbers of voices, including full XG support and ethnic voices and drum kits, high-quality sound with improved DSP, the addition of dance styles, and a professional black finish.

An upgrade from the 9 track sequencer of the PSRS500, the PSRS550B comes with a 16 track sequencer, which allows you to record one or more instrument parts at a time (15 melody and 1 chord track), which provides beautiful melodies, chord accompaniment, and rhythm parts to your music.

LCD Screen
For those wanting to see lyrics and the sheet music that accompanies an artist's song, or even your own, can now get what they want with the Backlit LCD Screen built into the PSRS550B which displays lyrics, chords, and notation. This is a great way to learn how to read music, and since the pages scroll automatically, you don't have to worry about flipping pages to sheet music any longer!

Ease of Use
There are many features of this arranger that make you a power user on your first day with the product. These include:

Music Database with 500 complete keyboard setups by song title

One Touch Settings with factory recommended setups for each style in the keyboard

Registration Memory with digital snapshots of all your keyboard settings

Effect Blocks
For further control over your sound, the PSRS550B comes complete with 36 Reverb, 45 chorus, and 239 DSP effects to personalize and tailor your music!

Included Accessories:
- Owner's Manual
- Music Rest
- Data Disk
- PA-300 Power Supply

Technical Info

Keyboard: 61 Standard size keys (C1-C6) with Touch Response

Display: Large Backlit Black and White LCD (320 x 240 dots) displays notation, lyrics and chords

- Total Number: 774 Voices+22 Drum Kits
- Compatibility: General MIDI (GM) & XGlite Compatible
- Piano Voice Quality: Stereo High Resolution
- Sweet! Voices, Cool! Voices, Live! Voices: Dedicated buttons
- Dual / Split: Yes / Left, Duel
- Drum Kits: 22 Drum Kits
- Polyphony: 64 Note

Auto Accompaniment:
- Styles: 176 styles
- Variations: 4- Variation A~D & Fill
- One Touch Settings: 4 per style
- Registration Memory: 8 x 8 Banks
- Music Database: 500 setups by song title

Digital Effects:
- Reverb: 36 types
- Chorus: 45 types
- DSP: 239 types
- Harmony: 26 types

- 16 tracks to record your own songs (15 Melody + 1 Chord)
- 5 User songs +10,000 Notes

Real Time Control: Pitch Bend Wheel

Auxiliary Jack: Phones/Output, DC in 16V, USB to host (MIDI In/Out), USB to device (optional storage devices), Sustain

Amplifier: 12W + 12W

Speakers: 12cm x 2 + 3cm x 2

Power Supply: PA-300 Adaptor (included)

Dimensions (W x D x H): 37.2 x 15.8 x 5.1 in. (945 x 402 x 130 mm)

Weight: 16.5 lbs (7.5kg)
This full-featured arranger workstation can bring all your compositions to life, at a price you can afford. Features a 16-track sequencer with style creator, 774 voices, 500-song database, 0ver 300 effects, and a backlit LCD screen.
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Cena: 729€ / 21962.-SKK
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